Friday, July 27, 2007

Shame on me!

I apologize for the lack of posting this week. Things have been crazy and I've been sick. Where should I begin...

My mother's sweet weenie dog, Tinker, ruptured a disc in her back last weekend and we had to take her to the emergency surgery center in Dallas, where she spent half of the week. She is home now and we have seen improvement daily. The poor thing is shaved from shoulders to hips, but she is happy to be feeling better.

I have been knitting. It was really fun working on these while riding in the boat at the lake. I had cast on another toe-up sock. This time I am using the yarn frogged from my UN-happy Socks. This time they will fit because I am trying them on every chance that I get!! I'm also using my standard US2 sock pattern that I know fits my feet!! I really love this colorway and this yarn... Sadly, it has been discontinued.

I also cast on (MY FIRST PICOT CAST-ON, yay!) for a dress for my 60cm Obitsu, Nymphadora, that should be arriving next week!!! EEK!! I had enough in my Paypal to get her started!! Her custom face-up is complete and now I am just waiting for her to arrive!!

SHE IS GORGEOUS! I have seen her full face-up, but I don't want to reveal it until she arrives! If you can't wait, you can see her on my Flickr. After seeing this mask, I just might have buy it! I just have to wait until my Ebay auctions end and I get some more $$. But, a wig has to come first! hahaha! She might be bald for a couple of weeks, like Yuna was! I'll just make her a yarny-wig.

And I realized that I have failed to introduce Chinmoku! She is a 27cm Obitsu and she is from A-Kon! Her name means 'silence' in Japanese. I had planned just to buy her body and then I found a head that I liked. I thought about giving her a face, but then I saw the charm and innocence that her unpainted face has. In the future I may give her a face, but she really doesn't need it!

ONE MORE THING!! I really need to knit something for Project Spectrum! I have less than a week left for this color set!!! SHAME ON ME!! I bet I can whip out another dollie dress on the USM.

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Amy said...

Oo, is Nyphadora going to have a pink wig? It all looks good.