Friday, July 14, 2006

Just look at the picture....

Erik and I had a wonderful evening with his grandparents last night. We went to see the Fort Worth Cats play. That team is really pretty good!! They stomped St. Paul. Heck, in the 5th inning, they hit 3 home runs and scored 8 times!! Tons-o-fun!!

When we got home, I decided to work on my socks. I finished Happy Sock #1 and the leg is too small!!! Waaaaah! I can't get it to go over my heel!!

I guess these just weren't meant to be made from this yarn. I am going to frog them today and wait for the yarn to speak to me again. I really love this colorway, so maybe it just didn't like the pattern.

So sad. Just to cheer myself up, last night, I cast on Codi!! Hopefully this one will work out!!

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