Friday, April 13, 2007

More LITTLE Knitting

But, at least it is knitting!!!

Her new make-up has been completed!! YAY!!

Those **amazing** green eyes really needed something to bring them out even more, so she got green glitter eye shadow with a little bit of purple. I also painted her eyelids, but her eyes don't close very well, so it probably will never been seen.

Now I am just waiting on her new wig. She begged for a hat, so I knit her one yesterday. I knit it in some leftover KnitPicks Shine Worsted and used US 3 DPNs. This was a quickie, at-work knitting project.

It is very... ummm... convenient that this is one of the Project Spectrum colors. :o)

There is also other crafty-ness going on, but I want to show that when it is finished. I might open an Etsy shop to sell some of it! YAY!

1 comment:

Amy said...

What a cute hat! She's looking good too. What color's her wig again? Oh, are you going to the race this weekend?