Saturday, July 28, 2007

FO Frenzy!

Is this the month for FO's, or what?!?! Amy's comment about Nymphadora's wig sealed the deal about me knitting her one. I cast on last night and finished it today. I hope it fits. I went off of Yuna's green hat for size.

I just started with the regular hat and then I started rooting it with yarn, like I did with Blyss's scalp.

Yuna even decided that she would model it for a picture!

Right now I have my eye on a few wigs for Nymphdora. All of them are different colors. Which, considering her name, is fitting. Maybe she will have a hair color for every outfit!


karrie said...

Wow! The wig is really cool. looks like it worked out well.

MK said...

This is an awesome mod to the pattern - may I have permission to put up a photo and link from my blog post on the beanie pattern?

Mike, Hayley & Piper said...


Do you think it's possible to knot a wig for a child? I am seriously craft dyslexic, but I want to knot or make a bob blond wig for my daughter for Halloween. She is going to be Lola from Charlie & Lola.
This dolls wig is the BEST thing I have seen so far in my internet searches! I'm seriously getting very doubtful that I can make a yarn wig to look like Lola??
Can you offer any advice?
There are pictures of Lola on my blog...check it out.
BTW, my daughter is almost 3 and fairly small. I so want to pull off this wig thing, if only I can figure it out!

Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

obviously I'm regular dyslexic too...

I meant 'knit' not knot.