Friday, January 02, 2009

Bialosky's Christmas Quilt Blocks (aka Adventures in Crayon-Tinting)

Here is my New Years Eve and New Years Day. After lunch on New Years Eve, I headed down to Joanns and picked up everything that I needed, except for the lightbox. That night, the boys were in the living room playing video games and Robyn was playing on the pink Xbox360, so I got to play with my crayons, iron and fabric!

The results? Well, in my opinion, on 100% white cotton, I prefer to use Regular Crayola Crayons! If you look closely on the window square, you will see that the crayon that I used for the snow has bled. That was the only time is used the Crayola Fabric Crayons. It worked fine for snow, thank goodness, but even after several ironings, it still leaves color on the paper. As for the Regular Crayola Crayons, barely any color transferred to the paper, plus there was NO BLEEDING!

Of course, I just read some of the Amazon reviews and it says the Crayola Fabric Crayons are for synthetic fabric. They wash right out of cotton. Guess that explains that! HA!

The last pic in the little mosaic is from last night. I picked up a small lightbox at Hobby Lobby for $7.50 ($9.99 - 25%)!! What a steal! It made tracing the image so much easier! I didn't have to trace it first with a fabric pen. I just started with crayon and it worked out PERFECT!

I am very excited about this quilt. I know how I am going to work the squares. Very simple. I plan on mooching some fabric from my mother-in-law, because she has a TON of it!

I'm off to go work on my squares!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be filled with new crafty adventures!

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