Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Downs and ups...

What is it with hateful people this week? Is Christmas getting to them?? Yesterday, I am at the grocery store getting some Jello and OJ for my mom, who has that nasty cold that is going around. Evidently, I left my cell phone on the counter. I went back to the store 10 minutes later, and there is no phone to be found. [sigh] I called it from Mom's just to make sure that I didn't leave it there or in the car. No phone. So I go home to get the backup phone activated. I call my cell one more time and this time it goes straight to voicemail!! Guess someone liked my phone. I reported it stolen so now they can't activate it.

First the '68 and now this. At least I have the greatest DBF in the world. I told him about my horrible day, and before he left for class, he handed me his debit card and said, "Go to Walmart and get your Christmas present." There is only one thing that I wanted, a Nintendo DS with Nintendogs & Animal Crossing: Wild World. I resisted. I said that I would rather wait until Christmas morning. He then looked at me with those loving, brown eyes and said that he doesn't get to spoil me that often and to just let him do it.

I caved. AC won't be available until today, but I still got Nintendogs and the DS. He is so wonderful. It wasn't the fact that he had me go buy it. It was him wanting to just make my day better. I then realized why I waited for 12 hours in line for his Christmas present. He would have done it for me.

Oh! And here's a pic of the hat that I finished Sunday.

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