Wednesday, December 07, 2005

'Texas Snow' Day!!

One of the funniest things about Texas is that the weather seems to be fairly random. Mother Nature decided to treat us to 90 degrees on Saturday. It was so nice! I was wearing a fancy summer top that I just bought on clearance.
Today, on the other hand, it is 25 degrees outside with ice (Texas snow). Since I work with my family, I got to go home early today!! Woo hoo!!! A day of video games and, of course, KNITTING!!! Perfect knitting weather!! Even the DBF's classes were canceled for this evening, so we can actually spend some time together without any interruptions. 'Sorry Mom. I can't come over. It is icy outside.' The only down side of that is that we both have 4x4's. The hotrods are in the warm(ish) garage.

I will say that I do sort of miss my old condo. It had a fireplace. I loved that fireplace. I didn't like the vaulted ceilings though. You could never get the living room warm in the winter. But, I still miss it.

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