Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Oh hai!

I haven't been hiding... Well, I have. It's not that I haven't been creating anything, I just haven't felt like blogging about it. We just moved into our NEW house, so I actually get my craft room back and it gets to have a serious makeover! You could almost call it my studio!


Painting With A Twist - Feb 20, 2010Pug's PugsI’ve picked up a few more hobbies, like painting with oils and acrylics. Thanks to my friends, Learn & Pug, who have inspired me to pick up a paintbrush. That lead to going to going to my first Painting With A Twist with Robyn, where we painted ‘Japanese Princess’.

Then I painted two paintings that I call “Pug’s Pugs”, because that is what they are!

Which lead to me signing up for an oil painting class at the City of Hurst. Pictures of that painting and its evolution will be posted next week, after the last class of the session.

Painting With A Twist - Apr 27, 2010 @ Grapevine --- My PaintingPainting With A Twist - Apr 27, 2010 @ Grapevine

Last week, I took Robyn to another Painting With A Twist for her birthday. This time, we painted “Ballerina” which was a lot of fun! My Aunt Peggy was in town and she joined us for a bottle of wine and some painting, too!

I even have some paintings in the works to decorate the kitchen in our new house! All three are Japanese food themed.

SWAPBOT: 4x4 Fatbook Page #3 (outgoing)SWAPBOT: 4x4 Fatbook Page #4 (outgoing)

And finally, the last of the painting update… I created two 4x4 Fatbook Pages for two Swap-Bot swaps, from Painting With A Twist inspirations, but cropped and a much smaller scale. These were sent to the same swap partner and made me think of Gossip Girl, one of her favorite American dramas.

Swaps for pages #5 to #12 are still accepting sign-ups!


FO: Cherry ShirtFat Quarter Napkins - from Weekend Sewing

I’ve also been sewing A LOT and I realized I <3 my Singer 15-91 and the way it sews so much more than my other two machines!!! It make the prettiest stitches, even if the are only straight. I finally my GMIL’s old Singer (not the 15-91) repaired and I am still having trouble with the tension. :pout: I really don’t want to take it back to the jerks at Richland Sewing Center and have them fix it again. All they do is try to up-sell me on a new machine. No, thank you. I prefer my vintage machines.

Spring Party Dog Dress - MED --- $23On the left is my Cherry Shirt, which just might be one of my new favorite patterns. I will note which pattern it is when I get home. On the right are some Fat Quarter Napkins from Weekend Sewing. So fun and so easy! I really need to just break down and buy this book instead of borrowing it from the library.

I’ve even been sewing some really cute dog dresses for my aunt and also my ArtFire shop!


20100329 - Alice's SweaterKnitting has been happening a little. I think I only have one FO, besides some kitchen clothes. My old bestie, Al-Breath, and I decided to do a KAL where we swapped sweaters at the end! I finished hers about a month ago and sent it!

PATTERN: Pinwheel Sweater from (rav link)
YARN: Lion Brand Wool Ease


That’s all I know for now! I really hope to start blogging my projects again… even if the posts are from my iPhone. I love being able to share what I’ve created and maybe my recent desire to begin art journaling will make me post my stuffs more often!

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