Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi! I'm out from under the bed!

So, I've been attempting to hide from the holidays. Needless to say from my Twitter posts, it didn't work.

There has been a ton of gift sewing, mostly aprons and dog dresses (aka Petite Pet Pinafores by Pika -- for sale in my Artfire shop). My aunt requested some aprons for her and the kids she takes are of. I also surprised her with 6 reversible dog dresses for her bitty-little Yorkie named Izzie.

I also made Mom an apron, as well as my friend Sharrell. AJ got a handknit scarf with her initials on it. Robyn didn't request socks is this year, instead I knit her a new ponytail hat (she felted her other one). I even knit my little brother a Jayne Hat that he really didn't care for. He's three, so I will accept that for now. That is his 'happy' face in the picture.

Now I'm working on what I call The Bucket Blanket. It is pretty much 4x Autumn Shawl (my vomit shawl), stitched together in a big square. My awesome Aunt Debby found a big 'ol rubbermaid tub of yard at a garage sale and gave it to me for Christmas, which was the inspiration for this new project.

I hope to have pics of everything... Maybe. I totally forgot to take photos of everything.

Oh. And I am now a slave to the iPhone. My company Is no longer providing me with a phone, so I sold my Palm Pre (which I really liked) and moved to AT&T. -- don't tell anyone, but I really dig the iPhone more -- I <3 the knitting apps. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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