Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wreck This Journal – 04 Document Your Lunch

WTJ 04 - Document Your Lunch - 01

WTJ 04 - Document Your Lunch - 02

Last Friday, I went to lunch with my fellow WTJers at a yummy place called Cowtown Sushi, where we decided to this page.

I believe there is some wasabi, soy sauce, spider roll, and more yummy sushi goodness!!

Yes, my WTJ smells terrible already!! But, I am saving the shower for NOLA, next month!

Another ScarfThere has been a teeny, tiny bit of knitting in my hands this week!! I dug out my pretty NOLA (Lantern Moon) needles and my NOLA yarn and cast on “Another PROJECT?!?!?”. I am using the Lion Brand Cotton Lace Scarf pattern (rav here).

I plan on working more on it today and tonight, while I have the house all to myself! Aaaahhh! I can’t wait for the quiet! I hope I don’t try to distract myself with cleaning.

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