Saturday, May 22, 2010

 Ahhh Saturdays! 

Oh how I have missed my lazy knitting days. Since Mom is at the lake and the hubby is hanging out with his brother today, I get to enjoy my day on the couch with the DVR, English breakfast tea and yarn. The dogs are hanging out too.

Just some mindless knitting, since the Greys Anatomy season finally totally thwarted any knitting progress last night.

I think I have decided to go through my WIPs and either finish what I have started or just start frogging. I've been getting distracted by shiny new projects and things are seriously starting to get neglected. So, today's DVR knitting consists of my Jaywalkers that I have been working on, correction, neglecting for a long while now... And also the project I think I had named 'Another Scarf'.

So raise your tea cups and java mugs to mindless knitting, freeing the needles, and sweatpants!! I love my DVR days!

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