Monday, June 15, 2009

Crafty Weekend!

I had a ton of fun making stuff this weekend! I got out the paint, stickers, glue and Mod Podge!

First on the list was finally working on my suitcase dog bed. I saw the idea a few months ago on CraftZine (Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed). I’ve had the stuff to make it for a bit and it has just been in the way.

Before I broke down and started chopping up the suitcase, Robyn claimed the handle side. Instead of claw-foot or decorative legs, I found an alternative, Gothic Ball Post Tops. I had to remove the big bits of all-thread, but that was super easy with the hubby’s vise.

Before painting the suitcase, I had to remove the extra hardware and pointy-parts on my half of the suitcase. This was accomplished with my Dremel. While that was drying, I painted the legs. When all the parts were ready, I attached the legs with screws and washer.

All I need now is a bigger cushion, so I can sew the cover. I can’t wait to post the finished project!

Suitcase Dog Bed - WIP Collage

Robyn inspired my second craft project, which is my own Farkle game. What’s so special about my own Farkle game? I made it completely self-contained. I printed the directions onto colored paper with on my laser printer at work and Mod Podge’d (some a little too much) them onto my freshly painted boxes. Inside the bottom box, I lined it with felt, so you could roll the dice in the box, making it easy for travel. I think that is my favorite part. I even found Post-Its and a pen that fits perfectly!

I liked my little Farkle in a Box so much that I made three more. One for Robyn and maybe AJ, and the last to sell in my Artfire shop.

Farkle in a Box

It’s such a fun little dice game that can easily be adapted into a dice+drinking game!  You must take a shot every time you FARKLE!

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Palaboy said...

Well that's a very nice idea. Creating a cat bed from old and recyclable materials.