Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am looking for this book….

A Stitch in Time: v. 1:
Vintage Knitting & Crochet Patterns 1920-1949

Unfortunately, I can only find it on the Amazon UK site. While listening to the Cast-On interview, in episode 79 “Stitches in Time”, I fell in love with the idea and the designs that I was knitting in my head on the way to work.

I love the idea of Make-Do-Mend and I wish that I did more of each. By purchasing a new sewing machine and freecycling my broken one, I hope to start making and mending more. (BTW – this machine sews WAY better than my White machine ever did!)

Singer Portable Sewing Machine Singer Tradition Sewing Machine 

Another design that I keep working in my head is a Naruto sweater, which I am toying with calling my Ninja Sweater. It would be a basic cardigan or pullover, worked in the colors of Naruto’s jacket. The collar is what will make this sweater and what keeps making me want to design it.

…. bulky 2x2 ribbed collar …. raglan shaping in blue …. button or zipper band ….

AND!!!  I have been working on some embroidery project ideas. Simple items that might be posted in my ArtFire shop! Stay tuned!

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April said...

I am all over the Naruto sweater. I look forward to you starting it.

I have two zip-up hoodies that I need to get embroided Naruto style. I just can't see to seem to find someone here to do it. Ugh. Swamp FTL.