Friday, June 05, 2009

She Has A Name…


Chiyo - 27cm Bobobi ResinSoul Bei - AutoCollage


A new girl has become part of my dollie family. Her name is Chiyo and she is a 27cm Bobobie/Resinoul Bei. I purchased her at the Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters booth at A-Kon, last weekend. To my disappointment, they don’t have any dollies or dollie item listed on their website. If they had, I would probably buy another for sure.

My new friend Eric (not my hubby Erik) jokes that she is going to kill me in my sleep. I simply tell him “She loves her mommie. She will just steal my car, so she can kill you!” I think there is something naughty behind her innocent eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I love her face! I think that the slight hint of malevolence is her charm.

Being such a fair-skinned sweetie, I am going to have to invest in a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Chiyo has already gotten into mischief and gotten some schmootz on her leg. I think it is from stealing a doggie toy and burying it in the back yard, just to make the doggies crazy.

I need to find shoes for her! Her feet are a little smaller than an MSD, but WAY bigger than a Pullip, Obitsu or Barbie. I think they are close to a YoSD, however, the rest of her proportions are much closer to a Type 2 Pullip without all the cleavage.

I took a few more pictures today with my D40, to celebrate her naming. You can check out her Flickr set for more.

I’m off to window-shop for clothes and shoes….

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