Sunday, May 03, 2009

FO: Spring Ruffle Top #1 - Cupcakes

FO: Spring Ruffle Top #1 - Cupcakes

SEWING PATTERN: Spring Ruffle Top from Sew Mama Sew, seen via Craft

Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart

I finished this one yesterday afternoon and immediately wore it for a couple of hours. My friends already wanna snatch it off of my body! I absolutely love it! I’m sad that I have eviction court tomorrow, so I can’t wear it. (sad face!)

I haven’t started #2 because we are all hungover from MC Chris last night and loud noises are bad. I guess I could cut the fabric and get it started.

I wonder what I am going to embroider on the pocket…

FO: Spring Ruffle Top #1 - Cupcakes

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Amy said...

Oo - how pretty! You have to show an action shot.