Monday, May 04, 2009


First RIPE Tomatos!with Windows Live Writer…  with a picture…

I’ve been really wanting to use Window Live Writer since I installed it, but it has proven a little difficult with Blogger.  It seems that I can’t “upload” pictures in a blog post.  I figured out a way to work around it but downloading the image code from Flickr (where I would have pointed the pic anyways) and then inserting into the source of my post.  A little bit of a pain, but WLW seems to be WAY more versatile than the Blogger editor. We shall see!

For now, ignore my nerd-babble and look at my first ripe tomatoes of the spring!

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Brandon Turner [MSFT] said...

What kind of problem are you having uploading pictures with Windows Live Writer? If you want some help feel free to email me at , I am one of the developers of Windows Live Writer.