Thursday, February 12, 2009

WTF?!? Destashing woes! Thanks non-mod-mods!

There seems to be a few extra mommies and non-mod-mods in the ISO/Destash forums lately.

I originally tried to post my destash on Artfire (makes for easier sales). Fine, it's an online "store". They moved it to the "commercial sellers" thread. Whatever.

So, I try posting one yarn at a time, making sure not to post a second until I have a buyer on the first. Cool. I sold my Kaya last night, so I posted my Quartette. This morning, not only did I have this message waiting for me in my inbox, "Hi, FYI, you might want to update your stashes both on your artfire page and your ravelry. Thanks, Robin" (yes, I'm posting the whole message), I also had two replies to my thread. #1) "please keep in mind the rav rules: you are only allowed to have one ds thread open at a time." and #2) "this also isn’t the forum for stores."

Both of these kind of set me off and I replied "I’m not a store. I wish I was, but I’m not. I am a stressed out knitter with two friends moving in with her in little over a week. Therefore, I need to make room. I’m sorry I am using every avenue that I have available to me to do this quickly and efficiently. Rather than pointing fingers, why don’t you think of the situation that some of us are in! (end rant)" Maybe a little excessive, but seriously, when people are getting laid off and loosing their houses (like my friends) the destashing thread might be a little less knit-picky.

UPDATE: As I am trying this, all of my threads in that forum have been **wooshed** (by a mod) for not playing nicely. Wow. This seriously makes me want to delete my Ravelry account all together. I mean, I don't really use it anymore, do I?

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