Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MakeTV Digital Antenna = AWESOME!!

I've had a little problem with my digital signal in my house. My $50 antenna (with power supply) didn't get any better of a signal than my $10 cheapy OR my dollarstore special! There was no chance for me to watch Grey's in HD, since I just flat didn't receive channel! Yes, I'm a DirecTv customer that is holding out for the HD-Tivo to be released later this year, before I upgrade my service. I ♥ my Tivo.

One Sunday morning, I came across Make: Television while I was flipping through the channels. They were showing how to make a cheap and easy DTV antenna. I figured, what the heck, I'll try it!

Less than $10 later, I had all of the materials. Let me just say that a Dremel made a big difference in the time it took to sand all of the pieces.

After I had my first antenna put together, I tested it on the bathroom tv (yes, bathroom). That is where I have the worst signal. I turned on my converter box signal meter with the $10 antenna and got a 47% signal and ABC wouldn't tune. After I installed the new MakeTV antenna, I had a 62% signal and I could watch ABC! YAYz!

I was so impressed that I made my hunny take me to Lowe's to get materials for 2 more antennas! We now have them in the bedroom and living room in HD! Its the best signal I have gotten EVER, in this house!! Even with storm interference, I never lost a signal, which used to be common with my other antennas.

I give this project an A+ and totally recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their over-the-air DTV signal!


Be sure to watch the segment to see the exact placing of the wires.

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