Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FO: Super-Secret Embroidery

= Over-The-Bed Wallhanging


I finished this last night and I couldn't wait to hang it up! But, I did want to wait until today to take pictures because I got new nightstands, lamps, curtain rods and sheets today. Mom says I'm nesting before Robyn & Ray move in.

The story of the wall hanging? Well, when Lowe's cut the wood for my headboard, there was a left over piece that was the same width. I figured it would make for something fantastic to hang over the bed. So, when I picked out the headboard fabric and buttons, I picked more fabric the same color as the buttons and batting to cover the extra piece of wood.

The designs are something I must have come across in a library book, because I had copied them and had them in one of my many pattern binders. I changed the left corner design to make it a little less foo-foo, since that is Erik's side of the bed. I know the design on the right (my side) is a variation of a "blue onion" design, normally seen on kitchen items.

After a couple of weeks of dragging the blue fabric to work and stitching in my spare time, I finished it. It is so pretty it makes my tummy flutter! It's rare that I am this proud of one of my projects. Please excuse my gloating.

You can see close-ups of the embroidery in my Flickr by clicking here.



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That is fantastic! Great job!