Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oooohhh! A mystery?!

I can't wait for this to start! I just signed up! If you like Hello Kitty, you can too!

My Hyper-Rainbow Yoga Mat Bag was a super-big hit at my Yoga class! Barbara, our teacher (and one of my Papa's friends), asked for the pattern, as well as a few other ladies. I wonder what what they are going to do when Kim has hers.

While watching Heroes the other night, I messed up one of the rows on Kim's Yoga Mat Bag. That show is so awesome, that it has caused more than on knitting boo-boo. I ended up putting the bag down and sort of fixing it compensating for it after Heroes was over. You can't tell, unless you are looking. Thank goodness for variegated yarn.

I am seriously debating on whether to make some yoga mat bags to put in my Etsy store. They would probably be knit in simple stockinette, but I would make different color variations.

And... A quick note... I've posted a link to the WGA's strike blog, United Hollywood.

I am in full support of writers getting what they deserve. It there weren't writers, then our lives would be full of reality TV. Don't get me wrong, I love The Girls Next Door and Dog The Bounty Hunter, but I can only handle so much Real World (blech!). GIMME HEROES, CSI, AND MY OTHER GREAT TV!!

Technology is changing constantly and it is already a struggle for consumers to keep up. With internet download outlets like Amazon Unbox and iTunes providing almost immediate availability of our favorite shows, don't you think that some of that revenue should be giving to those who write what is being provided? It is a what-if scenario. Writers should be compensated equally, no matter how their material is distributed. If the company is making money, then the writers should get what they deserve, too!

I'm getting off of my soap box now.

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