Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pre-Cruise Penny Squishin'

I'm still working on the pictures from the cruise. There are a lot to go through, but I promise that I will post them. To tide you over, here are the pennies that I squished on The Strand while we waited for Kim, Steveni, & Diana to get into town.

The pennies on the left are from Lafitts's Beat Gift Shop. The pennies on the right are from LaKing's Confectionary.

We really didn't have any time to find any more. That just means that Erik and I have some to find when we visit again in May.

The pennies pictured below are from Ron Jon's in Cocoa Beach. I have never personally been there, but Erik and his siblings have memories of that particular one and they will most likely never visit there again. I have plans for these pennies.

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Amy said...

Those are cool!