Sunday, October 07, 2007

Actual knitting!?!?!

I got to knit this weekend and my Tivo is EMPTY! I'm caught up on my TV and I have nothing to watch now! I wish I could read and knit... (sigh!)

My feet will be warm this winter with some yummy socks! These are just Plain Jane toe-up socks knit on US 2 needles. Knit Picks was really generous with their Simple Stripes yarn. It is a shame that it has been discontinued. I love this color way!

Also! Nymphadora got a new dress last night! I stayed up until 2 to get this finished and photographed. It still needs to be blocked, but I really wanted to see it on her.

She looks like a cute little pumpkin! Perfect for Halloween!

The pattern is the Lace Leaf Dress from Den of Angels. I knit it in Jawoll Cotton that I picked up at the Simpatico Yarns Firecracker Sale (I think).

When that was finished, I still had about half an SVU left to watch, so I cast on my next pair of socks, River Rapids Socks from Sockbug.

I gotta run... again! It is discount vaccination day and we have to take Rocky, Erik's dog, to get his shots.


Amy said...

Your socks look lovely! So does Dora's (mind I call her that?) dress.

Kenny said...

Being able to read and book and knit at the same time would be awesome. I have a few books I'm in the middle of - including Hitchhiker's Guide - but I've been spending more time knitting. I thought about books on audio or whatnot, but it's just not the same.