Friday, October 05, 2007

Thumbs Up!

After I finished the last Harry Potter, I was wondering what book would call out to me next. Amy had suggested that I catch up on some classics.

I added a few to my Book Mooch list, like Tale of Two Cities, Wuthering Heights, The Illiad and then some. Nothing that I really wanted to read right now.

Then I remembered something silly. My friends in junior high all read this series and really enjoyed it. Plus, I really liked the movie. British humor makes me laugh!

So far I am really enjoying this book! It made me think about Wikipedia, so I did a search and found this article, Wikipedia is a real-life Hitchhiker's Guide.

Gotta run! Sorry for the randomish, scatterbrained post!
I just wanted to get these thoughts out of my head.

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Amy said...

Yay! I love Hitchhiker's Guide. You know, I can't read Don Quixote right now, it's getting boring. Have fun with Arthur and the gang.