Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm a yarn-ho!!!

Ok... I am weak... I had a KnitPicks order arrive yesterday... Also, I've had more sock yarn arrive that I purchased from some Ravelry members... Funny... It's all KnitPicks yarn!!! I even scored the discontinued Simple Stripes in the colors that I wanted (and then some)!!!

Would you believe that I even bought novelty yarn!?!?! I had to make my purchase over the the FREE SHIPPING amount! It is to complement the other novelty yarn that my aunt gave me for Christmas. I am planning on making another Barf Scarf or mitered shawl or log cabin-type shawl. With all the cheap, clearanced, opportunistic novelty yarn that has ended up in my basket, I might have to make two!!! hahaha! So what if I'm mocking novelty projects....

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