Monday, September 10, 2007

Ooohhh! SHINY!!

So I just a Ravelry groups called, The Solidarity League of Creative Women Distracted by.... Oooh! Shiny! Katie had mentioned it on her blog. I think this has subconsciously given me the OK to keep starting projects!

I told myself that I wasn't going to start something else until someone in the Yarn in Tights Ravelry group posted this... a Wonder Woman Jumper (sweater). It has been cast on.... twice.

Erik first suggested that I knit it on my USM, which I did. I cast on, but I was spending more time on picking up dropped stitches because it needed to be knit with the #1 keyplate / intarsia plate. After several rows, I decided that it was going to be too big and too much of a pain to knit on the machine.

Sooo.... I cast on with US 5 needles. Eventhough Kirsty used US 2.5's, I thought the larger needle size was needed because I think I am *a little* bigger than her.

So far, it is looking like it is going to fit just right! YAY! I say this as I am 1/3 done with 1 sleeve. A girl can hope, right? I really want to get this done by November 15. Wizard World Texas is that weekend. I have a feeling that I will be seaming while I am on the way to the convention! hahahaha

FYI - This sweater will be known as "Linda Carter", because she is the embodiment of the Amazing Amazon.

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Kirsty said...

I'm so excited you're making this, I double took at your in-progress photo. A real, "huh? I don't remember photographing that, or posting it on the web. Hang on a a minute...."

I must warn you, I kept tweaking the stars as I was knitting, because I kept thinking they looked a wee bit weird. Feel free to do the same (and get in touch if you want to ask anything!)

Hee hee! Someone is knitting something I designed!