Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy 2007!!!!

I have a little to catch up on so I will just jump in!! First, I have one final FO for 2006. It is a Kureyon Scarf for Robyn!!! These three balls were the knottiest balls I have worked with. I ended up making do with what I had. It is a shame that the pic really brings out the 'uh-oh' color changes that I tried so hard to make look a little more natural.

New Years Eve... During the day, I started a scarf made out of the yarn that Robyn gave me for Christmas. An hour or two into knitting on it, it got affectionately named "The Barf Scarf". It did not earn this name because it is made out of Lion Boucle in very different colorways. The reason that this name screamed out at me is that it looks like Jello-shots the second time around, if you catch my meaning.

That night, we hung around the house with Robyn and Ray. We played the Wii and had sparkling cider at midnight. Woo hoo!! We were pretty much the backup plan for our other friends that might have had too much to drink.Lookie! Lookie!! I won at bowling!!! Yay!!! I kicked butt (and then went to bed)!!! LoL

Last night, I finished the Barf Scarf. It actually turned out fairly cute!! It is very l-o-u-d, but still fun. The pattern that I used was just a simple diagonal scarf pattern.

CO 22 sts
Odd rows: K1, Kf/b, K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1
Even rows: K all sts
Change color every 10 rows.
Work until you run out of yarn or you have your desired length!

Ravelry Pattern Linkie!

Mom just came into the office and wanted to steal it!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful design!!! I can't wait to try it!
Thank you for providing the free pattern.
I am grateful!