Monday, August 13, 2007

Holy Crapoly!!!

I'm indirectly famous!!!! Nymphadora's Pink-Wig-Hat has been featured on the Craftzine Blog!!!! The wig was knit for my 60cm Obitsu, Nymphadora, but she hadn't arrived yet. That is why Yuna is modeling it in the picture.

HERE! HERE! HERE! <--- CraftZine

Last week, MK Carroll (insert knitting-idol worship here) kindly sent me a message asking me if she could feature my modification of her pattern on her blog, with links to her original pattern. Of course, I said yes!! So I sent her the details about how it was rooted, which you can also find on her blog!!

Also, if you were directed here, please add me to your daily reads! I'm not as witty as Crazy Aunt Purl or The Yarn Harlot, but I do post more than just knitting. I give the occasional video game review and post pics of my dollhouse and doll collection. I love anime, my pup, and my boyfriend.

So, please add me! ummm... Because I asked... nicely?!!?

Thanks for stopping by!

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