Friday, August 10, 2007


Here is a question... How often can a knitter's taste in yarn change?

I have tried to use dishcloth cotton a couple of times, both on my knitting machine and with my hands. I wasn't impressed. It dried my hands out, hurt my fingers, and was just flat-out unpleasant to work with.

Now why did I break down and buy this lone ball at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago? Because it matched my hall bathroom. I also found the Duckie Cloth pattern (yes, the link is broken... that is a place holder... you can find more info here and here for now) that I just had to try.

I was skeptical when I cast on, but 15 rows in, I am finding that the yarn is actually pleasant to work with!! I have stuffed the barely-started cloth in my purse and have worked a few rows while at work before I decided to actually post some knitting content.

I am now for some dishcloth cotton that has pink and green in it for my master bathroom. I really want to make a two color, intarsia cloth with a froggy on it. I have a feeling that a lot of people will be getting dishcloths in their Christmas stockings this year!!! Portable, simple, and now... PLEASANT TO KNIT!!!

As for the 360, sadly, we have decided to purchase a SECOND console!!! hahaha This time with Best Buy's warranty. It's for 2 years. You can get as many replacements as you need within the first year, and you only get one more replacement during the second. BUT, you can pay for another 2 year warranty to start over with that last replacement. PLUS, you don't have to wait for a repair. It is instant, in-store replacement.

Erik's buddy Dave will be in this weekend. His ex-bitch kinda left him, so I think he and Erik are going to just hang out, which means play video games and drink beers and talk about how much women suck. So, since I they a 360 to play, I'm going to go get the Elite this afternoon. DAMN THE ADDICTION and ZUMA! I hate that the 360 is such a superior system. Yeah, the technical issues suck, but what can you do.... I guess when we get the other back, we could always trade it in for store credit at Gamestop!


Christina said...

Sorry about the xbox problems. I don't have one.

Cathy said...

OMG! weird! last night i started knitting a dishcloth/washcloth whichever, for either my kitchen or bathroom... in the same freakin color... only i am using a bernat cotton yarn that i am finding to be super soft. it was one of those pound of yarn deals i bought years back and forgot i had. i am going to make a bathmat/kitchen rug (wherever i decide to use this stuff in) when i see if i like the pattern in the dishcloth.