Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Froggy Xbox Fusion

Since we will have 2 Xbox 360s in the house, I thought it would be wise to actually have 2 memory units with one Gamertag on each. This way, we could take our card & Gamertag with us if we were to go into the other room or Erik, went to Shannon's or down to Houston and played at Dave's.

The only problem that I had with doing that was that we couldn't quickly tell them apart, since every memory unit that we could find was white. That issue has been fixed. We know these little things are plastic, so regular spray paint won't work. Enter the most awesome spray paint in the world... KRYLON FUSION!!!

I know I have posted about this stuff before, when I was repainting Barbie furniture for my doll house, but I have to sing its praises again!! Within 15 minutes I had painted and dried memory units ready to be played with. No cheesy Sharpie scribbling, just nice and neat color so we could tell our memory cards apart.

I think Erik will be pleased. I'm now looking for a FREE, used, unwanted Xbox 360 faceplate so I can paint it!!

Yesterday, I went to Joanns to see if they had any pink & green cotton yarn and I found 8 balls that needed a new home. I ended up liberating more yarn that matches BOTH of my bathrooms.

I then found this Waving Frog Dishcloth pattern that ended up on my needles when I go home from work. It was finished before I went to be. I love it! I plan on making another, but in the green.

When I was listing this pattern on Ravelry, I noticed that the author has a contributed to the Monthly Dishcloth KAL. Since I knit this one up so fast, I figured I should join! I even made a button for it, because I'm cheesy that way!

The monthly patterns are distributed about 7 lines a day for ?5? days. This could be one that I just leave at work and only work at work! hahaha

I'm off to knit this month's dishcloth. I think it is perfect for Robyn! She loves dolphins!

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