Monday, July 02, 2007

I &heart Vacation

I am on vacation this week.... All week... YAY!! Guess where I am going!!! My couch and maybe Erik's house!! I am so excited!! When you work with family, this is a really big deal.
I have to admit that I went to work for about an hour today to finish up a few things, so Mom didn't panic. I made it so she didn't have to go to the bank all week. Plus, I wanted to see if my new postage stamps came in and they did!

This past weekend couldn't have been any more fun!! I only have a few pictures of the aftermath right now. I have to borrow Shannon's camera so I can grab the rest of the photos. But here's a little pic to tide you over.

Before heading to the lake, I made Erik stop by Simpatico for the legendary Hot As A Firecracker Sale! I bought more sock yarn and then some novelty yarn (ick!) for the Novelty Shawl that I have been designing in my head. I'll explain in a later post, when I get it worked out. Erik was such a good sport about waiting for me.I even knit a little on my Dreambaby DK Sock #2. I have about half the leg left and then it is done!! I think the next socks that I cast on are going to be a pair of Instant Gratification socks. Maybe with some cables. We'll see...

As for Pokemon: Battle Revolution... I'm glad I didn't pay full price for this game. The only downfall it has is that it doesn't have a story mode. All you do is battle. No capturing Pokemon. Syncing up your DS with the Wii is really easy, so you can play with your DS Pokemon. I really think the best function is being able to battle other REAL people over the internet without having to exchange friend codes first. I've only had one online battle and I had my ass handed to me! I bet the person that beat me was only 7 or 8. There is no voice contact, just battles and then you can choose to battle again or exchange friend codes. At full price, I would have to give this game 6/10. But, since I only paid $10 for it (thank you Best Buy Reward Zone), I give it 8/10. Christina, please don't kick my ass when we battle!! PLEASE!!!

And finally... POSTCROSSING! Last week (Friday, I think), I received my first official card from Japan! This one was really interesting!

It looks like she created and printed it herself! I love it!! So many sights in Hiroshima Prefecture.

And in the mailbox today was another US to US - I Offer... TAG! postcard. This one is of the World's Largest Department Store in the World -- Macy's in NYC! I really hope to collect more "World's Largest" postcards. Erik really wants a "World's Largest Ball of Twine"; postcard. I'm still searching for it, but this is a start!

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