Tuesday, July 03, 2007

POST #400!!!

This is my Super-Duper Post #400!!! It has been a fabulous day!! I checked the mail this morning and I found a ton of postcards!! All of them were from private swaps and TAG!s, but there was one that really got me excited. Noriko actually surprised me with it! I got my first Mini postcard!!! She actually used to have on, but had to sell it. I hope she gets another very soon!!

After a while, I needed to go sneak up to work and steal borrow some envelopes. When I got inside, there was a huge, HEAVY box waiting for me. Before anyone got back, I took off and went home.

Inside that heavy box was a TON of goodies. Not just one or two things. You have to look at the Flickr page to see all of the notes that I put on everything!!!

I almost bought that book the other day when I was at Barnes & Noble looking for more postcards!! I'm glad that I didn't!!!

Thank you Janee'!!! This is going to keep me busy for a LOOOOOOOONG time!!!! Now, I have to go touch the merino some more....

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