Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Did someone have a birthday??

Sunday was my 27th birthday so I had a few friends over to play the Wii on Saturday night. Mom even made cupcakes.... Strawberry cupcakes!! If you look at the pictures closely, you can see that I am actually in one instead of taking it!!!

My dad and Tammie got me Wario Ware: Smooth Moves for my birthday and we played that one first. I thought it was a multiplayer game, but I was surprised to see that it wasn't. It's ok though. Each person played until they lost, then the controller was passed on to the next in line.

Please ignore the messy living room!!

I also got to work on The Cursed Sweater a little more. But, I still haven't made it to the armhole decreases.

Last night, I got the urge to cast on some Blythe/Pullip socks. I made up my own pattern, so I only got one finished. I think I am going to tweak it a little, but not much. I haven't decided whether I want to share my pattern or sell the socks on the forums or maybe Etsy.

Did I mention the socks are gray... Project Spectrum gray??

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