Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gotta luv M$! - what's next

'My' 360 is home. Yes, I ended up with a refurb, but at least this one works. Its a little quieter, too! We will see how long this one lasts. I can't wait for the class action or recall so I can get my $130 back from those jerki-poos.

But, while the 360 was gone, I did a lot of work on Codi. I only lack 1 2/3 sleeves and the neck trim. No pictures, sorry!!! I will try to take some tonight.

This weekend is Robyn's bachellorette party, so I doubt knitting will get done. I can't wait!! I'll be sure to take pictures of that, too! I will be sure to edit the naughty ones.

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