Monday, August 21, 2006

Where's my voice!?!

I am seriously lacking my voice!!! Robyn's bachelorette party was Saturday night and we had sooo much fun!! Sorry, no pictures yet! I was a little hung over yesterday and I didn't leave the house. Nothing big, just a headache, no voice, and exhausted.

By about 9pm, I was feeling the knitting bug biting my fingers, so I cast on the second sleeve of Codi and worked on the cuff. By the time I was finished with that, I didn't want to get lost in a chart since it was 10:30, so I decided to weave in some ends on the finished half.

Oh yeah! Friday night, I finished the first sleeve and seamed the ?right? side of the sweater. Such nice fit! I am really hoping to get it finished before school starts so I can wear it in my chilly classroom. AND I have several projects waiting for me to finish this one!!

***** Added @ 11:25am *****
I am seriously considering doing this. We DO need the rain!

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