Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gotta luv M$! [venting here], and a little good stuff

Please Note: All venting is in RED.

So I get to work this morning and sit down at my laptop just to see this...
So I click, and get this...
Imagine my feelings about this situation. Micro$oft has decided to tell me that the Windows software that came with this laptop, three years ago, is fake. This is after I give them $130 to fix my Xbox 360, which is conveniently just out of warranty, just like everyone elses 360.

Someone explain to me why Micro$oft can, in essence, install spyware onto my computer. Oh! Wait! It's in that thing that you accept before they let you have access to anything!

Maybe next time I will just buy a Mac. Does CompUSA offer the same kind of extended warranty that Best Buy does?

In Codi news, I picked out the buttons I am going to use!! Joanns was a little short on the green buttons, but I did find some cute ones. Yes, you're cute, little, green, girly buttons, aren't you?!?

AND... Ta da! The bathroom is 90% finished at Erik's house!!! All I have to do is paint trim!! That's it!!! I am sooooo happy to be done with this project!!!

Oh!! And did I mention that Mr. Pizza Delivery Guy decided to add $1 to his tip, when it took him an hour to get me my food?? (BTW - I was told 20 minutes) He gave me a sob story and I still tipped him $4 on an $11 pizza. Then he added another $1 for good measure!!! Went to the pizza place to speak to the very nice (seriously) assistant manager and got my dollar back. It is the principle of the whole thing. I could care less about the $1. But if he did that to 20 people that night, then that is $20.

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Cathy said...

you should definitely get a mac. i have 3. but i am not biased or anything at all. :)