Thursday, June 08, 2006

Which color?? Help me decide!!!

I have posted before about this fancy, long cardigan that I want to make. I have decided (with the help of my fellow KnitListers) that the KnitPicks Shine Worsted won't kill my hands like regular (Lion, Sugar & Cream) cotton does.

So you tell me!!! Post in the comments or email me!!! WHICH COLOR SHOULD I USE?? I made it a little easier. I narrowed it down to five colors!! LoL Help me, please!! I'm beggin'!!

I saw this on Knitting Like Mad! Pretty knifty!!

What kind of knitting needles are you?

You are pink aluminum.Retro, straightforward and fun, you love classic things. If they're 99 cents at Goodwill all the better! You are moved by striking colors and tasty morsels, and you like a stitch-n-bitch session in the sun. Just remember, while you're being kitschy cool, don't get too cold. Ice cubes are best kept in your cocktails, baby!
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