Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I'm tired. I didn't get to go to SnB (Arlington) this weekend because the washing machine decided to flood my garage. I didn't get to go to Snb (Fort Worth) last night because I felt like crapola. Mom gave me her sinus junk and now I feel like I just can't wake up. WAAAA!!!

Enough whining. I really haven't touched my Jaywalkers since I started the Baby Brother Blanket. BUT... I did start a girly version of the BBB in pink on the USM #2 (at the DBF's). Sorry no pictures yet. I keep forgetting the camera. MK Tubey 2 is still on the USM #1 (at home). It hasn't changed much since January/February. Maybe I'll work on that later this week (probably not, but a girl can hope).

The Baby Brother Blanket (green) is inching along. I did get to work on it for several hours in home and not at SnB. The Girly Baby Blanket is for someone that probably doesn't read my blog, but I would rather be on the safe side. Her daddy (one of my best friends) gives me a hard time about knitting. That is why he didn't receive any handknits for Christmas, but his daughter does deserve something, and I had a lot of pink Simply Soft, so she is getting the Girly Baby Blanket.

I plan on hand knitting a border on the machine produced Fan & Feather blanket. I did some searching and found this (for my reference, and yours) BOND USM KEYPLATE / KNITTING NEEDLE SIZE CHART. I'm using KP4, so it is fairly loose and I wanted a needle size suggestion. Eventhough it says to use size US 8-9 with KP4, I'm going to go ahead and us a US 10 for the border. Hopefully it will keep it from curling and give a little bit of a ruffle.

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