Friday, June 09, 2006

I forgot to mention...

I can wear pretty much anything I want to work, as long as my rear-end is not hanging out and I have a bra on. I pretty much wear capris and a tank top in the summer, jeans and a t-shirt or sweater in the winter. I have a brown cardigan that I got for Christmas that I love. I wear it whether it matches or not! LoL

I am in the family property management business and we like to give the impression that we are like (most of) our renters. Plus, we seem more approachable.

Corporate life is not for me. Heck, I walk around the office barefoot most of the time!! LoL

Here is the COLOR tally so far: (updated 6/09/06 2:24pm)
  • BLUSH - 1 (0 blog comments/ 1 Knitlister)
  • GREEN APPLE - 4 (4 blog comments/ 0 Knitlisters)
  • SNAPDRAGON - 1 (2 blog comments/ 0 Knitlisters)
  • WAVE - 2 (1 blog comment/ 1 Knitlister)
  • WISTERIA - 3 (2 blog comments/ 1 Knitlister)
I figure I will keep the tally going until Monday.

Charlotte made a good point.
"Which color you pick should be determined in part on what you'll be wearing the cardigan with. If you want it to go over -- and look good -- a lot of different things, then a neutral color would be better. I'd opt for a more neutral color anyway because I would want the intricate stitching/patterns to be what attracts attention, not the color I did them in."

I do want to thank EVERYONE for their comments and emails!! Many wonderful insights!! They are definately giving me more to think about! KEEP THEM COMING!! Amy!! Cat!! Knit Angel!! This means you too!! [giggle]

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