Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pssst!! I have a secret...

A big-headed, fun to dress and photograph kind of secret!! That is the only clue you get for now!! Post in my comments what you think my secret is!!!

I am still keeping to my every-other-month pattern with my Meetup group!! LoL The Mavs play that Thurday night and I have company coming over to watch the game in HD. Sorry guys!! I will be there next month, I PROMISE!!

I have some secret knitting for my big-headed secret. I would show you pictures, but it might give it away! Let's just say that the pattern lied!! Instead of size 1's I needed to use size 3 needles because my gauge was sooooo off!!! Like a 4 inch piece only measured 3 inches!! AHHH!!!

Anyways, from what the USPS site says, I might have another post today, so keep your eyes on this space!!

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