Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday funny!!!

Last night, I posted on one of my local recycle groups about wanting a female mannequin or at least a pair of legs.

Here is one of the replies that I got:
"Sorry Heather -- your request only begs the question of what you are going to do with them!! Please share :)"

So I did!
"This made me laugh!! It made me realize how odd this request is. I knit and blog about it. My dress dummy doesn't have any feet, so I have to take pictures of my own feet when I finish a pair of socks. You can only get a few angles with a camera. Plus, I can block thefinished socks on them, too! I would use a whole mannequin for hats, sweaters, and scarves, as well as the occasional homemade Halloween costume."

Then, I got these!!
"I'm so glad someone else asked! I really was wondering what you wanted those for. :) Btw, sometimes if you go ask the manager of a store like JC Penney's or Dillards, they'll let you have the broken mannequins before they get thrown away. It never hurts to ask. :)"

"Thanks Heather -- I was worried you were going to use them for something kinky! Good luck finding your feet!"

So, if you have a female mannequin, send it my way!!! LoL I promise I won't do anything kinky with it!!!!!

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