Friday, June 16, 2006

My secret??

You really wanna know?? Well... You have to wait until the end of this post, or just look at the pictures, if you wanna cheat. LoL

First things first, here is the final tally on the Shine color vote:
  • BLUSH - 1 (0 blog comments / 1 Knitlister)
  • GREEN APPLE - 4 (4 blog comments / 0 Knitlisters)
  • SNAPDRAGON - 1 (2 blog comments / 0 Knitlisters)
  • WAVE - 3 (2 blog comments / 1 Knitlister)
  • WISTERIA - 3 (2 blog comments / 1 Knitlister)
It looks like GREEN APPLE is the winner!! Of course, I might make one in Wave, if I like working the pattern.

As for my BIG-HEADED SECRET... You have to wait just a little longer...

The rest of my Ceres (such a wonderful anime) manga came in... All 11 volumes (14 total)!!! Yay!! So did the first issue in my subscription to Interweave Knits!!

I was told that I couldn't work on anything except the Baby Brother Blanket while the Mavs are playing. No SECRET KNITTING. Shannon actually said, "No girly crap!"

Ok... You've waited long enough... Here it is... My BIG-HEADED SECRET... I got a Blythe doll!!! Her name is Blyss and she likes shopping at the dollar store!!!

The fairy outfit looked fun, and she liked the top that is is the top right package. But, her favorites are the 4 outfits on the bottom (minus the velvet top). All of the tops and shoes fit, and the skirts only need to be taken in a little.

We also made a quick trip to Joann's for a few things. The fabric was the main reason for the small shopping trip. I have found so many wonderful patterns for Blyss (Blythe), and I wanted to make some of them. Of course, where and I going to put all of these new clothes and accessories?? In a fashion suitcase!!!!

And what about my SUPER-SECRET KNITTING??? It's the Silk Coat for Blythe from Knitty!!! Of course, I'm knitting it from something already in my stash, Misti Alpaca Sport (such a yummy yarn). The pattern calls for using US 1's. I'm using US 3's to get gauge. Go figure. It's funny, I don't have any progress pictures of it!! I will post a picture as soon as it's finished!!

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