Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Fathers' Day

I am one of those lucky people that has two wonderful dads.

First, my real dad, the one that just made my little brother, is awesome. He is one of those guys that has stayed in his late 20's since he was in his late 20's. He likes to race is 350Z, and play video games. We compete on who has the cooler tv, more video games, the cooler car/truck etc. In fact, here is a little gif of my dad at the 2006 Texas Z Roundup.

My other dad is my step-dad. He is one of those guys that is rough on the outside and a big softie on the inside. He is also responsible for the redneck part of me!!

I think I have the greatest Dad and Step-Dad in the whole world. Of course, when my big wedding day comes, Mom's walking me down the aisle...just so I don't have to choose!!

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