Monday, May 08, 2006

Wet Socks!!

We went the the Cardboard Boat Regatta on Saturday. The Bates Container supervisors (and Erik) won FIRST PLACE in the Whale Division for the second year in a row!! You go boys!! It was cloudy all day and right before the last race started, it started to lightly sprinkle. Once the final trophy picture was taken, it really started to rain and everyone was scrambling to their cars.
While we were there, I got to finish My First Toe-Up Sock #2. Everyone was so interested in my simple knitting habit/obsession. I was glad that I brought my knitting journal. The ladies were really interested.

Later, we went to dinner with me mother and then went home a relaxed. Poor Erik was so tired!! So tired that I had to make him pose for a 'finished sock' picture.

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