Monday, May 15, 2006

The Neverending Quest

What is up with Blogger?? When I really want to post, I can't b/c I can't load pics or the site won't come up at all!! Ok... I'm done venting...

Friday, I decided to run to Michael's for another set of US 2 dpns so I can work on two socks at the same time. I get there and I cannot find any in that size. So... I head to Joann's. Same story. They had every size except US 2's. Now for the big decision, do I battle 820 traffic to get to Hobby Lobby and The Knitting Nook? Or do I take back roads to Simpatico?

I love all of these stores, but rush hour traffic weights heavy on my patience. So, I went to Simpatico. It never fails, I always walk out of this yarn store with something. This time is was an AWESOME dpn case and more YUMMY sock (baby) yarn. Sadly, Simpatico doesn't carry aluminum dpns. No US 2 dpns for me, at least until my Joann.Com order gets here.

Yes, I broke down and bought some throught the website, as well as, MORE SOCK YARN!!!!! I couldn't justify the shipping cost for just 2 sets of knitting needles, and the sock yarn just, kind of, mysteriously ended up in my shopping cart when I was checking out!! Shhhh... Don't tell Erik!!!

Work on my own Jaywalker's is coming along nicely!! I am knitting these toe-up, which I am really enjoying. I am using the stitch pattern in the top-down order, but they still look wonderful!!! I have completed the whole foot, gusset, and heel of the first sock, and I am working on the toe increases of the second sock right now. I was to finish that part so I make sure I remember how I did it on the first one!!

Oh!!! I am also using some the Brooklyn Handspun that I bought a while back. The colors in the yarn are beautiful!!!! Whenever I get to my favorite blue I think, "Hey! More yummy blue!" Cheesy, I know!! I will post pictures asap!!!

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