Friday, March 24, 2006

Fun time with Mom!!

I came across a wonderful blog post this morning. It is on The Blue Blog. Alison posted, 'warning: you can love a blankie to death'. I just wanted to hug her little boy!! I liked this post so much, I am going to put it in my knitting journal (giving her credit, of course).
Mom and I kind of snuck out of work yesterday to take a jewelry making class at Sassy's. We were the only ones in the class and we had soooooo much fun!! Mom made herself a pearl necklace with a matching bracelet and earrings. I made a beautiful blue bracelet and necklace. The picture really doesn't do either of them justice.

It was really nice spending time with Mom, without being at work. Lately, that is the only time that we have been seeing eachother.

Hey! Knitting content!! I have started my first pair of toe-up socks with some fun yarn from my Secret Pal (7)!! I am using the pattern/tutorial from You can find the pattern here. I actually spent the time and converted it into booklet form so I could see all of the illustrations as I am reading the instructions.

It took me two times to get it started. The first time I completed the toe increases and I didn't like how they turned out. So, on my second try I knit into the front and back of the stitches and I liked how they turned out. Of course, Erik got home from class right as I finished those, so I didn't get to go any further. Laundry was calling and so was a hungry 29 year old.

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