Thursday, March 23, 2006


We decided to be bad and skip class last night for Erik's birthday. We had a lovely time at Hooters. Erik even did the embarrasing birthday dance with the Hooters girls. It was a shame that I didn't hit capture on his phone, because I would have loved to post it!!

That wasn't the hightlight of the evening. On the way home, I decided that we would run out of gas. Ok, so the truck decided, I didn't. In my defense, I haven't driven my big truck in 6 months and I didn't remember where empty was on the gas gauge that isn't accurate. Muffin and Erik pushed the truck off the main road, while I walked to get gas. It was actually really funny.

I did feel really bad, so I let the boys play Halo until I finished Erik's Jaywalker #1. As you can tell from the picture below, Erik got a birthday sock (about 20 minutes after his birthday). It fits perfectly!! He loves it!! He even said (without prompting) that it was the most comfortable work sock he has ever had on!

I did cut it very close with the amount of yarn. All that you see is one skein. The little-bitty butterfly is ALL that I had left!!

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