Monday, March 27, 2006

Dirty pictures... he he he

My 4x4 has been out of commission for the past 6 months, so I haven't gotten to play in the mud until this weekend!! We had a TON OF FUN!!! Erik brought his Blazer and Chris brought the Toy (aka Jeep Recovery Vehicle).

The mud was perfect, dry where it needed to be and totally messy everywhere else!!

Yes, that is me driving my 'first-baby'. I was so afraid of this puddle until the boys made me go through it. "It's ok honey. If you get stuck, we'll pull you out," was said by my boyfriend. Then I went throught it several more times!!

We also crawled a few rocks. At least, the boys did. Chris found a little-big hill to play on and actually broke a Dana 60 axle shaft with his 22mpg, 4 cylinder Toyota!!! Even after that, he still played with only 3-wheel drive!!! What a trooper!!! The hill was a whole lot more complicated than the picture makes it look.

I even hurt some 2wd boys' pride by pulling them out of a little creek!! I think a total of 3 trucks were pulled out (by us) of that same spot that we had zero problems with!

By the end of the day, we were tired and covered with mud. Overall, I was impressed with what my truck did. It has been so long since we have gotten to play. I don't think I have any new dents, but I have to wash the mud off to get an accurate look!

Oh!! Knitting?? You want a little knitting??? This is a Hobby Blog, and 4x4's are one of my hobbies, but ok!

My First Toe-Up Sock is coming along quickly!! I have passed the heel and I am on my way up the leg!! Now I only have to knit until I run out of yarn!!! I am really liking the toe-up thing!!

I love this yarn!!! It may be acrylic, but I love the colors and random-ness of the stripes!! Mom is already plotting the theft of this pair!!

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