Thursday, November 03, 2005


I don't think they cleared me for a new laptop. I have a UPS tracking number now. My laptop is supposed to be on its way back to me. To my house to be more specific. I was not asked about this. After the service center cracking it already, I would want to open the box in the store and make sure that there is no other damage.

I'm also curious to see if they jacked up anything else while they were repairing it (like with the cd-rom / wifi card incident).

[sigh] SECRET PAL: Thank you for the sweets, again. They have been helping me in this trying time. Chocolate is better than ripping someone's head off.

I frogged Cooter's sweater and decided to do it on the machine. I just couldn't get the size right. I did start Rocky's sweater and it seems to be going better. I"ve been sick for the past two days, so I have been getting a ton of sleep. AKA-NyQuil induced sleep.

I really want to work on some socks. I have the yarn and the needles, just need to gather up the motivation to begin.

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