Saturday, October 29, 2005

Laptop Update....

Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.... Went up to -insert mega tech store name here- yesterday to see if I was cleared (by the insurance company) for a new laptop. The Tech told me that their computers were running very slow, but he would call me by 5 to let me know what was going on. Fine. 5:45 rolled around, so I called them. I spoke to another tech and he check his computer. He said that it looked like it hadn't even left the store yet, so he checked the warehouse. Sure enough, it hadn't even left the store 8 days after I had dropped it off. Second day air shipping, my rear-end. He proceeded to place and expedite order and overnight shipping on it, which means that it will at least be another week before I know anything.

This is not the first 'issue' that I have had with this store's tech center. They had my first laptop for 6 weeks and finally gave me a new one after some grumpy-ness with the tech superviser and store manager. At least they gave me a service plan on this one.

Not happy. Not happy. Not happy. The only reason that I go back there is b/c I like their service plan. It may be a hassle, but a laptop is not cheap. The lemon policy is adequate. If my computer crashes or something goes wrong (x4) then I get a new laptop. Its funny, my laptop stays on my desk at work the majority of the time, unless I take it home for homework. Even then, it sits on a tv tray. I don't lug it everywhere like a lot of other people. Maybe it just wants to travel and that is why it gets unhappy and breaks.

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