Monday, November 07, 2005

Knitting + Nascar = Knitscar (part two)

Went to the Dickies 500 at TMS yesterday!!! We had so much fun!! Very few cautions and no major crashes. THANK YOU PAPA for the tickets!!! My sweetie bought me two t-shirts, a Kevin Harvick one and one that says "I drive faster than boys. Deal with it." THANK YOU HONEY for the stuff!!

I started my KAL socks at the race!!! YES I WAS KNITTING AT THE RACE!!! LoL I have proof!! Security kind of laughed at me when they checked my bag. I only got three rows done before the race started. I had planned to knit while we waiting in traffic on the way home, but we go lucky and hopped right on the highway. (mental note: remember where we parked, so we can park there again) It only took us about 45 minutes to get home. After the previous race, it took us 3 hours. Guess it is good karma for pulling a Ford and a Dodge out of a ditch. Glad we took my DBFs K5 Blazer.

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